Alcalica is bass, world music, industrial, broken beats, improvised...

Alcalica is Improvisation

Adapted to the place of performance, to the here and now.

Alcalica is Collaboration

Alcalica collaborates with many talented artists from various fields...

Alcalica On Tour

Alcalica are constantly on tour in many countries, touching a truly broad audience.

Alcalica Magical Mystery

Alcalica giving always Magical Mystery performances.

Alcalica Live

Alcalica plays live electronic music with traditional instruments & vocals.

Tour Dates

  • 31.07.16 Oneiro, Syros
  • 29.07.16 Camping Antiparos
  • 28.07.16 Kastro Bar, Astypalea
  • 26.07.16 Kedros, Bar, Donoussa
  • 23.07.16 Pergalidi, Lagada, Amorgos
  • 22.07.16 Tzitziki, Chora, Amorgos
  • 19.07.16 Sattiva Music Bar, Paroikia, Paros
  • 18.07.16 Wineyart, Oia, Santorini
  • 15.07.16 Ypoglikaimies, Parko Tritsi, Athens
  • 12.07.16 Ladadika, Mytilene, Lesvos. feat

ALCALICA is a duo operating from Berlin and Mytilini playing Industrial World Music/ Dream and Bass/ Broken Beats with vocals and traditional instruments. Our sound is based on playing all the instruments live. We play in ever changing constellations adapting the music to the place and the people we play with. It's electronic music with traditionnal instruments like the Persian santoor, Greek baglamas, African kalimba, analog filters, hand operated drum machines, own recorded samples and vocals in the 5 languages we speak.

Broken beats, bass music, industrial, world music, electro.

"... their glance does not look back at the roots, it looks forward, at the branch of the tree which keeps on developing and growing."

(Antonis Xanas - "Ydor" record review)


Alcalica Music

Various horizons of musical influences. The electronic music: from experimental to broken beats, squat parties of the nineties and the explorations of manipulated sounds. The Rembetiko underground urban movement between the two world wars. Because it's very beautiful and sincere. The music of the Aegen and its enchanting melodies,the poetry of traditional instruments used today and played with virtuosity by young and old people in the Asia Minor neighborhood. It is sacred and magical, it is alive.

Alcalica Press


  • Following the release of our sixth vinyl album ΥΔΟΡ we got aired all over Europe's national and underground radio waves. Alcalica also received on-line and paper reviews in Polish, German, Greek, French, Italian, English and Swedish.

Alcalica’s Dream’n’Bass transcends World and Electronic music with pure frequencies mixing ethnic instruments, deep vocals and analogue machines.

 The act adapts their sonic identity for live performance, vinylrecording, movie and show storytelling soundtrack, always keeping the same thread of broken beats stirred withearth rhythms from all over the globe.)

(N.Seyegh, Wound Magazine, London)